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Cristal (telenovela)

Cristal (1985-1986) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Television. It was written by Delia Fiallo and directed by Daniel Farias, Arturo Paez, and Tito Rojas. This telenovela lasted 246 episodes, and it achieved a significant amount of success inside and outside Venezuela, it was extremely successful in its airing in Spain (where each advertisement that was seen during the transmission of Cristal cost more than seven million pesetas) and Italy. It was distributed internationally by Coral International. Cristal has been rebroadcasted more than seven times in Venezuela.


It begins with Victoria Ascano, the beautiful and successful owner of the fashion house "Casa Victoria", deciding to search for the baby she abandoned years before. At the same time, Cristina, Victoria's daughter leaves the orphanage where she was raised and moves into an apartment with two other girls, ready to pursue her dream of becoming a model. Cristina is unknowingly hired by Victoria and was on her way to becoming a successful model when Victoria discovers that Cristina and Luis Alfredo, her stepson, were having an affair. Victoria fires Cristina and Luis Alfredo marries Marion, his old girlfriend, because she claims to be carrying his child. Shortly after being abandoned by Luis Alfredo and fired by Victoria, Cristina discovered that she, too, is pregnant.


Lupita Ferrer as Victoria Ascanio

Jeannette Rodriguez as Cristina Exposito, a.k.a. Cristal

Carlos Mata as Luis Alfredo Ascanio

Gigi Zancheta as Eliana Ascanio

Raul Amundaray as Alejandro Ascanio

Mariela Alcala as Inocencia

Lourdes Valera as Zoraida, a.k.a. Cerebrito

Henry Zakka as Adan

Zoe Ducos as Luisa

Lino Ferrer as Lino

Roberto Moll as Dario

Jorge Palacios as Gonzalo Valladares

Humberto Garcia as Padre Angel de Jesus

Marita Capote as Marion

Cecilia Villarreal as Vivian Marshall

Theme song

The theme song to Cristal is "Mi Vida Eres Tu", performed by Rudy La Scala.

End Song is "Volvamos A Vivir", performed by Rudy La Scala.

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