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Cosita Rica

Cosita Rica (2003-2004) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venevision. This telenovela lasted 270 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevision International.


Paula, the most popular girl of the neighborhood, dreams of becoming a dancer. The day she meets Diego Lujan, the young heir of a cosmetic holding, she cant stop thinking of him. Diego is about to get married with the famous model Vicky Cardenas. But destiny is going to play its cards and the sudden encounter between Paula and Diego turns into a love story.

Paula and Diego meet again and during the week they spend together, their lives change forever. Diego promises Paula to cancel his engagement to Vicky and they both agree to meet in New York one month after to start a new life.

When Paula arrives at the airport of NYC, she sees how an old and weak man cant manage the luggage he carries, so Paula decides to help him. When they are about to cross the immigration line, the authorities discover drugs inside the old mans luggage that Paula is holding, but the man has disappeared and Paula is sent to jail for five years. Paula cannot get in touch with Diego to explain him the situation. Diego is waiting to meet her in New York and as she never comes, he goes back to Caracas to look for her lover desperate without any success.

Today, five years later, Paula leaves jail. She wants to recover her life and to revenge the man who destroyed her future. She starts working as makeup girl. One day, she is hired to make up a bride. This is the day when she reencounters Diego, who is going to get married. The impact is mutual. But theres nothing to do. Its too late.

The day of the wedding, Diegos father dies unexpectedly and the worst comes when he finds out that he is not the heir. Olegario Perez, the bastard son of Diegos father, will manage the holding. From one day to another, Olegario Perez will become one of the most powerful executives of the country. The worst comes when Olegario meets Paula by chance and he falls in love with her. Olegario asks Diego to help him conquer a woman. Without knowing that the woman is Paula, Diego helps his stepbrother writing love letters, choosing the flowers, the restaurants and the presents for him. Paula starts falling in love with him and she accepts to get marry to Olegario.

A duel begins for the love of Paula between the two brothers.


Fabiola Colmenares as Paola Chacon

Rafael Novoa as Diego Lujan

Chiquinquira Delgado as Vicky Cardenas

Gledys Ibarra as Patria Mia

Carlos Cruz as Olegario Perez

Maria Alejandra Martin as Lara Santana

Aroldo Betancourt as Vicente Santana

Elba Escobar as Concordia

Nohely Arteaga as Tiffany Cruz

Daniel Alvarado as Lisandro Fonseca

Marisa Roman as Veronica Lujan & Maria Suspiro

Edgar Ramirez as El Cacique

Tania Sarabia as Mamasanta

Carlos Villamizar as Placido Chacon

Lourdes Valera as La Chata

Roberto Lamarca as Diomedes Crespo

Beatriz Valdes as Prodigio Vargas

Ricardo Bianchi as Rodolfo Lima

Juan Carlos Vivas as Rosendo

Franklin Virguez as Nicomedes Lujan

Rebeca Aleman as Nefertiti

Marina Baura as Tentacion Lujan (2004)

Maria Antonieta Castillo as Wendy

Yanis Chimaras as Juancho (2004)

Guillermo Davila as Gaston (2004)

Elisa Escamez as Altagracia

Ana Karina Manco as Camila (2004)

Liliana Melendez as Carmen

Zair Montes as Dulce Chacon

Johana Morales as Franelita

Beba Rojas as Panchita (2004)

Yvan Romero as El Pegao

Mariangel Ruiz as Alegria Mendez

Ana Maria Simon as Dra. Lucy Bonilla

Henry Soto as Benancio (2004)

Jose Manuel Suarez as Nixon

Roque Valero as Cachito

Beatriz Vazquez as Sagrario

Josue Villae as Guillermo

Andreina Yepez as Melao

Theme song

The theme song to Cosita Rica is "Cosita Rica", performed by Voz Veis.

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