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Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana

The Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana is a decentralized state owned Venezuelan enterprise, located in the Guayana region in the southeast of the country.


It deals with properly and sustainably taking advantage of the valuable hydric and forestry resources, iron, bauxite, gold and diamonds, in addition to other existent minerals and singular natural beauties within the region of Guayana, mainly situated in the Venezuelan state of Bolivar, to foster national development through economic diversification based on a policy of strategic alliances with domestic and foreign, public and private capitals.


CVG is a large conglomerate composed of 16 enterprises and over 18,000 employees and it constitutes the economic and social axis of a region comprised by five states and more than half of the countrys territory.


CVG Alcasa

CVG Bauxilum

CVG Proforca

CVG Telecom

CVG Venalum

CVG Minerven

CVG Electrificacion del Caroni (CVG Edelca)

CVG Carbonorca

CVG Alunasa

CVG Cabelum

CVG Internacional

CVG Ferrocasa

CVG Tecmin

CVG Alucasa

CVG Ferrominera

CVG Conacal

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