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Contra Viento y Marea (Venezuela)

Contra Viento y Marea (1997) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venevision. This telenovela lasted 125 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevision International.


For Daniela Borges, true love was lost almost twenty years ago, when a violent tragedy separated her from Sebastian Leon. She has now been married for 18 years to a rich businessman, and they have a teenage daughter. But fate is about to give Daniela the most difficult test she'll ever have to face: Sebastians unexpected return.

It all began when Daniela and Sebastian were 16 years old. The minute they met, they knew they were meant for each other and came to share the kind of passion neither one would ever feel again. But Daniela's father, Don Ramon, had other plans for his daughter: marrying her to Aquiles Millan, a businessman with a brilliant future. Daniela and Sebastian suffered through Don Roman's stern opposition, which was fueled in great part by his wife, Dona Jose, a possessive, commanding woman... Then, one fatal night, Sebastian decided to face Don Roman and let him know once and for all that he would never leave Daniela. Suddenly, a shot was heard in the study where they were arguing. When Daniela, her mother and her sister rushed in, they found Don Roman dead in the floor, with Sebastian standing over him. The consequences of that moment were devastating: Sebastian was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and Daniela was left to live with the horror of thinking he was responsible for her father's murder.

After the tragedy, Daniela gave in to her mother's wishes and soon married Aquiles Millan. However, the marriage has never been a happy one - she is not in love with Aquiles, who turned out to be an insensitive womanizer. For the past 18 years, Daniela has been going through the motions, trying to forget the past. But even now, she is still overcome with a mixture of love and hate for Sebastian... even though she believes he was killed a long time ago during a prison revolt.

Daniela's life will be dramatically altered by Sebastian's reappearance. He has done his time and is now back to fulfill his obsession: proving his innocence, getting revenge on the real killer, and winning Daniela back. The last part of his plan will be the hardest - because on the road to recovering her love he'll be confronted with strong adversaries, among them Virginia Lugo, a dangerously twisted psychologist who is in love with him... Dona Jose ... Aquiles, and Daniela herself, who is torn between what her heart tells her and her commitments as a wife and mother. A ghost from the past rekindles the flame of an irrepressible passion... Will this love be stronger than reason? Sometimes, the past shows up when we least expect it...


Guillermo Davila as Sebastian Leon

Ana Karina Manco as Daniela Borges

Carolina Perpetuo as Virginia Lugo

Mimi Lazo as Dona Jose

Carlos Olivier as Aquiles Millan

Gigi Zancheta as Xiomara Quintana, La Barreto

Juan Carlos Vivas as El Duque

Elizabeth Morales as Susana

Yanis Chimaras as Chuo Garcia

Lourdes Valera as La Zurda

Roberto Lamarca as Nicolas

Elba Escobar as Mistica Gamboa

Gustavo Rodriguez as Alvaro Lujan

Jonathan Montenegro as Ignacio

Deyalit Lopez as Azucar

Eileen Abad as La Nena

Virginia Garcia as Valeria Borges

Maria Eugenia Perera as Thamara

Tatiana Padron as Fabiola

Margarita Hernandez as Lupe

Aitor Gaviria as Tobias

Romelia Aguero as Crisalida

Jose Torres as Zorba

Sofia Diaz as Gabrielita

Theme song

The theme song to Contra Viento y Marea is "Dias de Pasion", performed by Guillermo Davila.

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