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Carita Pintada

Carita Pintada (1999) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Television. It was written by Valentina Parraga (story and scripts), German Aponte (scripts), Irene Calcano (scripts), and Romano Rodriguez (scripts) and directed by Yuri Delgado and Luis Enrique Diaz (exterior scenes). This telenovela lasted 126 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International.


The birth of the stunning beautiful Aurora Pabuena is shrouded in mystery, and her life becomes a confusing maze of inexplicable deception, jealousy and danger. Left on the steps of the Church of San Rafael de la Pena, the infant Aurora is found by and taken under the loving wing of the delightful Candelaria, who happily raises Aurora as her own. Auroras real mother is Irene, who tragically sinks into a 20-year old alcoholic haze after the newborn Aurora is taken from her. Irenes father, textile magnate Vicente, is responsible for the bastard childs disappearance, and his servant Elodia, the only one to know the truth, eventually blackmails him. Irene uncovers the plot and, upon discovering what happened to her child, rediscovers her own strength. The broken-down alcoholic emerges as a determined, powerful woman focused on one goal-finding Aurora. Irenes nephews, the identical twins, Diego and Rodrigo, are different as night and day. They meet Aurora under amusing circumstances instigated by the lazy, disrespectful Rodrigo. Diegos goodness captivates Aurora, who immediately falls in love with him. But Rodrigos crude playfulness soon turns dark and deceitful. Seemingly, a tragedy occurs, and Aurora is forced to escape to the city. Years of confusion and heartache follow. But the mystery begins to unravel once Aurora becomes a model for the "Carita Pintada" line of clothing that Irene has designed for Vicentes textile firm. Aurora reunites with Diego, but all is not as it seems. What follows is a twisted web of obstacles that stands in the way of their happiness. By finally discovering her true identity, Aurora affirms the strength of independent women who have the courage to follow their hearts. Supported by Candelarias devotion, she reunites with Irene and is finally blessed with Diegos true love.


Simon Pestana as Diego Caceres/Rodrigo Caceres

Catherine Correia as Aurora Pabuena

Elluz Peraza as Irene Caceres

Hilda Abrahamz as Candelaria Pabuena

Luis Gerardo Nunez as Martin Sucre

Javier Vidal as Tadeo Vargas

Fernando Flores as Vicente Caceres

Eliana Lopez as Francoise Pabuena

Carlos Cruz as Eleazar Medina

Ricardo Bianchi as Alberto Sandoval

Jose Gabriel Gonsalves as Luigi

Elisa Stella as Belen de Medina

Eduardo Gadea Perez as Teofilo

Marlene De Andrade as Pipina Hoffman

Rodolfo Renwick as Andres Figuera

Virginia Vera as Elodia

Violeta Aleman as Margot

Nacarid Escalona as Karin Lopez

Gonzalo Cubero as Father Francisco 'Pancho' de Asis Martinez

Nacho Huett as Abdul Pabuena

Henry Castaneda as Carlos Pereira

Marcos Morffe as Paolo Pabuena

Jeannette Lehr as Pilar

Jessica Cerezo as Genesis

Paola Eagles as Vallita Pabuena

Carolina Muziotti as Kimberly

Ivette Dominguez as Medusa

Reina Hinojosa as Jessica

Flavio Caballero as Jean Francois Sagmann

Gabriel Parisi as Leo

Roberto Mateos as Abdul Abdulah

Julie Restifo as Conchetta de Rossi

Carlos Olivier as Paolo Richi/Paolino Rossi

Alba Roversi as Piera Bernal

Rosa Palma as Damelys

Juan Carlos Gardie as Cheo Salazar

Theme song

The theme song to Senora is "Pintame", performed by Elvis Crespo.

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