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Cambio de Piel

Cambio de Piel (1997-1998) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Television. It was written by Jose Ignacio Cabrujas and Perla Farias and directed by Tony Rodrigues. This telenovela lasted 110 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International. It is a remake of RCTV's 1986 telenovela, La Dama de Rosa.


This is remake of famous La Dama de Rosa. Cambio de Piel is a story of confusion, bewilderment and revenge. Daniella Martinez and Jose Ignacio Quintana lead radically different lives. He is financially solid, competent and married. His marriage is stable with no alarming events in spite of his infidelities. Unfortunately, his wife has not been able to bear children. Daniella is a young, impetuous woman, very astute, determined and joyful, whose lifelong dream is to become an actress. In her search for stardom, she meets Jose Ignacio Quintana. A strong attraction grows between them immediately. They have no idea that this encounter will result in an unlimited, passionate relationship which will be marked by resentment, They are brought together by love and separated by pain. Daniella, a victim of injustice, is arrested and sentenced for a crime she did not commit. Jose Ignacio, felling betrayed, falls into confusing events and in Daniellas eyes, he becomes the main person to blame for her tragedy. Years later, Jose Ignacio tries to erase this woman from his mind and heart, the woman he says he hates. Great passion will evolve around this relationship, which will create unexpected and revealing situations for them, as well as for the characters surrounding them.


Coraima Torres as Daniella Martinez

Eduardo Serrano as Jose Ignacio Quintana

Caridad Canelon as Leyla Daud

America Alonso as Amalia Martinez

Ricardo Bianchi as Luis Enrique Arismendi

Catherine Correia as Ana Virginia Arismendi

Larisa Asuaje as Silvia

Jose Gabriel Gonsalves as Marcos Martinez

Indira Leal as Carla Ruggeiro

Manuel Salazar as Nestor Molina

Vilem Stalek as Diego

Jessica Braun as Tulia Martinez

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