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Aunque me Cueste la Vida

Aunque me Cueste la Vida (Though It Might Cost Me My Life) is a 1998 Venezuelan telenovela produced by Radio Caracas Television. It was written by Jose Simon Escalona, Salvador Garmendia, and Martin Hahn and directed by Olegario Barrera. This telenovela runs 126 episodes and is distributed internationally by RCTV International.


On the day of the Festival Of The Moon, a gypsy predicts that the soulful heiress Teresa Larrazabal will meet three men. The mystical spell of the stardust will unmask one who will help her, one who will destroy her and one who will be the love of her life. But the spell undergoes a sinister twist at the hands of the embittered Belgica Michelena. She casts a terrible sentence on the innocence of true love, hurling Teresa toward an unwilling fate as her pawn in a mysterious game of seduction, sorcery and revenge.

Belgica unites a powerful hatred for Teresas father Teofilo, the lover who spurned her, with the power of the gypsys incantation. But her plan to use sons, Vicente and Pedro Armando, as instruments of her vengeance goes awry when Vicente falls in love with Teresa, challenging both his mother and the supernatural forces that oppose them. It is decreed that Vicente will die if Teresa surrenders to his love. Defiant in their quest to resist Belgicas depravity, Teresa and Vicente join hands and hearts to undo the evil of the prophecy.

As they weave their way through the darkness of the Magic Forest, the full moons piercing rays illuminate their paths, helping them to discover the secret that will free them. In their journey to vanquish destinys wicked intentions, they affirm that true love weaves the most powerful spell of all.


Roxana Diaz as Teresa

Carlos Montilla as Vicente

Juan Carlos Alarcon as Modesto

Ricardo Bianchi as Edmundo Berrisveitia

Catherine Correia as Julia Larrazabal

Nacarid Escalona as Elida

Gledys Ibarra as Tia Porcia

Alfonso Medina as Polonio

Julie Restifo as Belgica Michelena

Carlota Sosa as Blanca

Winston Vallenilla as Pedro Armando Reveron

Franklin Virguez as Teofilo Larrazabal


The theme song to Aunque me Cueste la Vida is "Como un Hechizo", performed by Carlos Montill.

Belgica Michelena was the basis for Tatum O'Neal's character in the MyNetworkTV serial Wicked Wicked Games.

Same song title written by Alberto "Negrito Del Batey" Beltran, of the Dominican Republic, in the 60s.

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