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Aspredinichthys is a genus of catfishes (order Siluriformes) of the family Aspredinidae. It includes two species, A. filamentosus and A. tibicen.


This genus occurs from the Orinoco delta, through the Guianas, to the Amazon delta. Both species are found in lower portions of rivers and in coastal waters of northern South America from Venezuela to northern Brazil.


Aspredinichthys species are large aspredinids that grow up to about 22.0 centimetres SL; they are distinguished from all other aspredinids by the characters including having 8 pectoral-fin rays and several pairs of accessory mental barbels present. The two species placed in this genus are very similar in appearance and are most readily separated by the pattern and number of accessory mental barbels.


Aspredinichthys are benthic fish. A. filamentosus lives on sandy-muddy littoral waters, estuaries, and flooded zones of rivers. A. tibicen occurs mainly in brackish water and is found on soft bottoms of shallow turbid water near river mouths.

A. filamentosus reproduce in April and June, while A. tibicen reproduce in March and June. Both species share with the other aspredinines the peculiar mode of egg incubation wherein the female banjo catfish carries the eggs firmly attached to the underside of the body. This seems to be an adaptation to facilitate the oxygenation of the eggs in muddy environments.

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