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Asamblea Nacional Television

Asamblea Nacional Television (ANTV) is the television station of the National Assembly of Venezuela.

It was created in 2005 to cover the proceedings of Venezuela's National Assembly. Their goal is to increase the participation of Venezuelan citizens in the legislative debates. The signal is seen by those with a cable or satellite subscription in Venezuela.


The now ex-president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, claims that it was his idea to create ANTV since he was first elected to his position.

The Grupo de Boston, a company integrated by Venezuelan and American Congresspersons, proposed the creation of ANTV in 2003. Afterward, the topic was analyzed by a consensus between supporters and opponents of President Hugo Chavez. The United States Congress offered to support the proposal with equipment, but that never happened. Due to many debates and arguments in the Venezuelan National Assembly, the approval for the creation of ANTV took over a year. It wasn't inaugurated until February 17, 2005.

ANTV is a non-profit organization, whose resources come from the Legislative branch of Venezuela and national and international donations.

Maduro claims that the objectives of this channel are to develop the basic requirements of the Constitution. "It's at the service to promote new democratic values in Venezuela and to build a new era of participation by the citizens. Revolution is when people are well informed, come up with their own conclusions, and participate in the political life of the country".

The two goals of Nicolas Maduro for ANTV are for it to be an over-the-air television network and for people to interact with it. Since last quarter of 2006 it started public broadcasting on the channel 62, UHF.

In the first semester of 2005, CONATEL gave the approval for ANTV to be seen without the necessity of it being affiliated with DirecTV, NetUno (Cable Systems Company), Supercable (Cable Systems Company) and Intercable (Cable Systems Company).

Maduro also hopes that an interactive forum is set up, so that citizens finally can make their recommendations on any proposed law over the internet or by phone. It's considered that technological advances will help in this area.


Opponents of President Hugo Chavez have claimed that ANTV has no objectivity and that it is used as an instrument for the government in spite of being the tv station of a national parliament which should present the points of view of all parties.


When the eighth star was added to the flag of Venezuela, an eighth star was also added to ANTV's logo (see above).

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