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Adorable Monica

Adorable Monica (1990) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venevision. This telenovela lasted 211 episodes. Was written by Ana Mercedes Escamez, (Writer) Milagros del Valle (Scripts) and Irene Calcano, (Scripts) and was distributed internationally by Venevision International.


This is the story of a poor and humble girl from the provinces, forced to live tough life in the capital. The purest and most terrible passions are present in the world Monica Suarez must confront. An accidental father...a devious aunt...a faithful friend...a fight for an inheritance...a young, obsessive attorney.... are all story lines intertwined in this great drama. Luis Alfredo, an attorney, and his musician twin brother, are both involve with us in the suspense and intrigue. A man leading a double life of passion and rancor is a key factor that will keep the viewer tuned into every single episode. A failed marriage, a woman who brings hatred and intrigue from her past, a motherhood in jeopardy, the many dangers of crime, and Monica's amazing life transformation gives this story the formula for success.


Guillermo Davila as Luis Alfredo

Emma Rabbe as Monica Suarez

Belen Marrero as Pierina

Mirla Castellanos as Consuelo

Olga Castillo as Abuela

Sandra Bruzon as Qince

Rolando Barral as Joaquin

Julio Capote as Mario

Isabel Herrera as Carlota

Belen Marrero as Pierina

Alba Valve as Ibiza

Adela Romero as Rosario

Angela Fuste as Margarita

Gonzalo Velutini as Karl von Krup

Carlos Carrero as Bernardo

Andres Izaguirre as Juan Carlos

Azabache as Perla Negra

Theme song

The theme song to Adorable Monica is "Yo Necesito Mas de Ti", performed by Guillermo Davila.

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