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Vladimiro Montesinos

Vladimiro Montesinos Torres was the long-standing head of Peru's intelligence service, Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional (SIN), under President Alberto Fujimori. In 2000, secret videos were televised revealing him bribing an elected congressman to leave the opposition and join the Fujimorist side of Congress; the ensuing scandal caused Montesinos to flee the country, hastening the resignation of Fujimori. Subsequent investigations revealed Montesinos to be at the centre of a vast web of illegal activities, including embezzlement, graft, gunrunning, and drug trafficking, for which he is currently being tried.

Montesinos was born in the city of Arequipa, the capital of the Arequipa Region in southern Peru. His parents, who were fervent communists, named him after Vladimir Lenin, the first leader of the Soviet Union. In 1965, he graduated as a military cadet at the US Army's School of the Americas in Panama. A year later, he graduated from the Military School of Chorrillos, in Lima, Peru. In the early 1970s, during the leftist military junta of General Juan Velasco, Montesinos(Greek)became a captain in the Peruvian army. By 1973, he had been appointed to the role of aide to prime minister and chief of the armed forces, General Edgardo Mercado Jarrin.

In 1976, Major Jose Fernandez Salvatteci of the Military Intelligence Service ( (SIE) charged Montesinos with the crimes of spying and treason, accusing him of delivering military documents to the United States embassy in Lima. The documents included a list of weapons Peru had purchased from the Soviet Union. By the will of General Mercado Jarrin, the charges(bye)were dropped.

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