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Segunda Division Peruana

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The Segunda Division Peruana (Peruvian Second Division) is the second division of the Peruvian Football League (Liga Peruana de Futbol). There are currently 11 clubs in the tournament. It is currently organized by the Asociacion Deportiva de Futbol Profesional.


The format of the Second Division has changed over the years. When it was first formed in 1936, only clubs from the Department of Lima participated in the tournament. The winner was promoted to the First Division. Between the years of 1988 and 1990 the winner was promoted to the Regional Metropolitan League (Torneo Metropolitano Regional). In 1991, there was no promotion because the First Division was undergoing major changes. In 1992, the format changed again. This time the winner of the tournament would play against the winners of the northern, southern and central regions in order to be promoted. The following year, the old system, in which the winner was directly promoted to the first division, returned and lasted until 1997. In 1998, the winner of the Second Division would play a game with the second-to-last placed club of the First Division in order to decide who gets to be in First Division. Once again, the new system was dropped and the old system returned. In 2004, a new format was adopted, in which the winner and runner-up of the Second Division would play in the Round of 16 of the Copa Peru.

Current Format

As of 2006, the winner of the tournament is promoted to the First Division and the last two are removed from the tournament. Their places are taken by the two relegated clubs of the First Division and by the runner-up of the Copa Peru. Each club plays every other club twice in a home and away game. Teams from outside of Lima can participate in the tournament. Teams which are relegated from the first division can choose to enter either the second division or the Copa Peru.

Current teams

*The club name at the beginning of the season was Olimpico Aurora de Miraflores from Miraflores Ward, Lima. It changed the club name by week 5 and is now based in Loreto.


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