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Sechura language

The Sechura language, also known as Sek, is an extinct language (or possibly two languages) spoken in the Piura Region of Peru, near the port of Sechura. It appears to have become extinct by the beginning of the 20th Century.


Sechura, along with its dialect or sister language Tallan are too poorly known to be definitively classified. Greenberg and Ruhlen place Sechura in the Northern branch of an Andean language family, along with the Catacaoan languages, the Culle language, the Leco language, and the Hibito-Cholon languages. While Greenberg's Amerind proposal has not been accepted, Kaufman notes that a connection between Sechura and the Catacaoan languages is likely and is supported by lexical evidence.


It is unclear whether or not the two varieties classed together as Sechura (Sechura and Tallan) are merely dialects of the same language. Rivet groups the two together, calling them the Sek language, when he compares them to the Catacaoan languages. In comparing wordlists from Sechura and Tallan, Torero finds six likely cognates between the two:

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