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Ocaina language

Ocaina is an indigenous American language spoken in western South America.


Ocaina belongs to the Witotoan language family. It is its own group within the Huitoto-Ocaina sub-family.

Geographic distribution

Ocaina is spoken by 54 people in northeastern Peru and by 12 more in the Amazonas region of Colombia. Few children speak the language.


There are two dialects of Ocaina: Dukaiya and Ibo'tsa.





Syllables in Ocaina may be marked with one of two tones: high or low.


Syllables in Ocaina consist of a vowel; single consonants may appear on either side of the vowel: (C)V(C).

Writing System

Ocaina is written using a modified version of the Latin alphabet. A chart of symbols with the sounds they represent as is follows:

Because the Ocaina alphabet is based on Spanish, c is used to indicate before a, o, and u, qu is used before e and i, and k is used in loan words, such as kerosene kerosene.

Nasalization is indicated by inserting n after a vowel. Compare: tya tyoja hang it vs. tya tyonjan clean it.

High tone is indicated with the acute accent: a, e, i, o, u.

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