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Miss Peru

Peru has been competing in the Miss Universe pageants for over 50 years. Their first representative was Ada Gabriela Bueno in 1952. Five years later, It became the first Latin American and Spanish-speaking country to win the Miss Universe crown when Gladys Zender became Miss Universe 1957. As of the new century, Peru started to shine back into the international beauty pageant scene. Claudia Ortiz De Zevallos was a semi-finalist in the 2003 Miss Universe competition held in Panama. Liesel Holler failed to land in the semi-finals in 2004 but Debora Sulca made Peru's name come back in the contest of 2005 placing 6th. Peru has a total of 14 semi-finalists, 1 finalist, and 1 winner in this annual world-wide contest.

Miss Peru World missed the annual pageant in the first few decades. Therefore Peru has not had many finalists in the Miss World contest although Peru has won the Miss World crown twice. In 2002, Marina Mora placed third, Claudia Hernandez made to the semifinalists and also won the Best Designed Evening Gown Award in 2003, just one year before Maria Julia Mantilla got the crown in 2004, making a great come back for Peru in this contest. Candidates who participate in Miss Peru and make the top 10 will be sent to compete in other minor pageants from now on such as Miss Asia Pacific, Miss Maja Mundial, etc.

The franchise of Miss World and Miss Universe in Peru is handled by Ernesto (Tito Paz) peruvian. www.missworldperu.com


In the 1950s, Peru was one of the few South American countries to ever compete in an international pageant such as Miss Universe or Miss World. It became a powerhouse having semi-finalists from the '50's throughout the '60's and is known for bringing Latin America their first ever Miss Universe -Gladys Zender- in 1957.

In 1959 Peru participated in Miss World competition for the first time, represented by a beautiful young lady Miss Peru Maria Elena Rossel Zapata, who was the first runner-up.

In 1967, Peru won the crown for the first time in the Miss World competition with Madeleine Hartog Bell, ten years exactly from Gladys Zender having won the Miss Universe competition in 1957. It would be decades until Peru would taste another international victory in the beauty pageant field. In December 2004, Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia won the title of Miss World again, thanks to a world-wide vote by text message and telephone calls, a first in pageant history. First-runner up was Claudia Cruz from Dominican Republic, and the second-runner up was Brazilian-born Nancy Randall representing the United States. , Peru has won one Miss Universe title and two Miss World titles.

On April 16, 2005, Miss Cajamarca, Debora Sulca was crowned Miss Peru Universe and competed in Thailand for the title of Miss Universe 2005. She placed 6th while Miss Canada, Natalie Glebova was crowned the new Miss Universe by 2004's winner, Jennifer Hawkins.

Fiorella Castellano was crowned Miss Peru World 2005 and represented Peru in December 10, 2005 where the pageant took place in Sanya, for a third time in a row. This year Fiorella failed to land in the semi-finals. Chances of achieving a back-to-back win were low, but there was still a chance she might've won since India, Sweden and United Kingdom are three countries that have achieved that in Miss World history.

Tracy Freundt, who was first-runner up and a crowd favourite for the title in the Miss Peru 2005 pageant. She continues to work on the popular show "Habacilar" in Lima.

Franchise Controversy

Reinas del Peru organization was in charge of sending representative to both the Miss World and Miss Universe plus other minor international pageants. In 2005, Percy Luzio and another co-worker left the organization for irreconcilable differences between Percy and other workers in the organization, most namely, Marina Mora who was 2nd runner up at the Miss World 2002 pageant. Since leaving, Percy Lucio has put himself as the new person in charge of the Miss Peru Universe franchise. His new organization is called Corporation de la Belleza and has the responsibility of sending its winner to the Miss Universe pageant and the other minor pageants that Reinas del Peru was in charge of. Reinas del Peru however, felt betrayed by Luzio's actions but have focused on working towards the Miss Peru World pageant which from now on will be held separately.

Regions, Capital and Community

In the Miss Peru annual pageant, 25 regions,the National Capital and the Peruvian community in the USA compete for the Miss Peru Universe or Miss Peru World crown. The top 10 are selected from the group and then it comes down to the top 5. The winner of the chosen pageant is determined and a new representative is named Miss Peru.

The current Peruvian regions,the National Capital and the Peruvian community in the USA that have sent a contestant are:



Antartida Peruana







Distrito Provincial

Europa Peru





La Libertad




Madre de Dios





San Martin





USA Peru

Notable Winners

After winning the Miss Universe crown, Gladys Zender became very popular and well known in her country of Peru. She later married and is the mother of a successful Peruvian actor, Christian Meier.

Jessica Newton, Miss Peru 1987, became in charge of the Miss Peru pageant until 2004. Many said she hand picked the winner of the pageant due to favouritism. She later criticized the crowning of Miss Peru 2005, Debora Sulca and also said that Maju Mantilla's Miss World victory was like the cherry on top for her departure from the Miss Peru organization. When asked about Jessica Newton, the reigning Miss World said she never had the opportunity to meet her.

After her appearance in Miss Universe, Debora Sulca was approached by Telemundo.

When she arrived in Lima after her Miss World win, Maju Mantilla was received by dozens of people in the Jorge Chavez International airport. Like Gladys, Maju also became known and popular in her country.

Maju is currently working for Ford Models Modeling Agency.

Other wins

Not only has a Peruvian woman won a Miss Universe or Miss World title. There are other international pageants in which Peru has achieved success in either entering the semi-finals or winning the crown.

Wins: Miss Intercontinental 1971, 1987, Mrs World 1989, Miss America Latina 1991, Miss Asia Pacific 1994, 2001, Miss Caribe Hibiscus 2005, Miss Perla Mundial del Pacifico 2007, Miss Tourism Queen International 2008, Miss Teenager Universe 2008, Miss Beauty International 2009

Runner up or Semi-final entries: Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Teen International, Miss America Latina, Miss Asia Pacific, Miss Maja Mundial, Reina Hispano America, Miss Italia Nel Mondo


The following is a list of the Miss Universe and Miss World candidates from Peru. Some delegates who won the chance to represent Peru in the Miss Universe pageant also went to the Miss World pageant.

Miss Peru Universe

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! Year !! Contestant !! Represented !! Place at Miss Universe |- |1952|| Ada Gabriela Bueno || Apurimac || |- |1953|| Mary Ann Sarmiento || Ucayali || Semi-Finalist |- |1954|| Isabella Leon Velarde Dancuart || Cusco || Semi-Finalist |- | 1956|| Lola Sabogal Morzan || Cusco || Semi-Finalist |- ||1957|| Gladys Rosa Zender Urbina || Lima || Miss Universe 1957 |- |1958|| Beatriz Boluarte || Lima || Semi-Finalist |- |1959|| Luperia Mariategui Hawkins || Europa Peru || |- |1960|| Medadit Gallino Rey || Ica || |- |1961|| Carmella Stein || Lima || Semi-Finalist |- |1962|| Silvia Ruth Dedeking || Lima || |- |1963|| Dora Toledano Godier || Pasco || |- |1964|| Miluska Vondrak Steel || Moquegua || |- |1965|| Freida Holler Figalo || Lima || Semi-Finalist |- |1966|| Madeline Hartog-Bel Houghton || Arequipa || Semi-Finalist and Miss World 1967 |- |1967|| Mirtha Calvo Sommaruga || Ayacucho || |- |1968|| Maria Esther Brambilla || Amazonas || |- |1969|| Maria Julia Mantilla Meyer || Trujillo || Semi-Finalist |- |1970|| Cristina Malaga Butron || Lima || |- |1971|| Magnolia Martinez || Madre de Dios || |- |1972|| Carmen Amelia Ampuero Mosquetti || Lima || Semi-Finalist |- |1973|| Mary Nunez || Antartida || |- |1975|| Olga Lourdes Berninzon Devescovi || Lima || |- |1976|| Rocio Rita Lazcano || Junin || |- |1977|| Maria Isabel Frias Zavala || Cajamarca || |- |1978|| Olga Roxana Zumaran Burga || Arequipa || Semi-Finalist |- |1979|| Jacqueline Brahm || USA Peru || |- |1980|| Mariailce Lisseth Ramis Figueroa ||Huanuco || |- |1981|| Gladys Silva Cansino || Lima || |- |1982|| Maria Francesca Zaza Reinoso || Lima || Semi-Finalist |- |1983|| Vivien Griffiths Shields || Lima || |- |1984|| Fiorella Ferrari Iglesias || Lima || |- |1985|| Maria Gracia Galleno Bedoya || Lima || |- |1986|| Karin Mercedes Lindemann Garcia || Piura || |- |1987|| Jessica Patricia Newton Vasquez-Saenz || Callao || Semi-Finalist |- |1988|| Katia Mirella Escudero Lozano || La Libertad || |- |1989|| Mariana Sovero McKay || La Libertad || |- |1990|| Marisol Martinez ||Arequipa || |- |1991|| Eliana Daphne Martinez Marquez || Callao || |- |1992|| Aline Arce Santos ||Arequipa || |- |1993|| Deborah D'Souza Peixoto Luna || Europa Peru || |- |1994|| Karina Calmet || Callao || |- |1995|| Paola Dellepiane Gianotti || Amazonas || |- |1996|| Natali Patricia Sacco Angeles || La Libertad || Semi-Finalist |- |1997|| Claudia Maria Dopf Scansi || Ancash || |- |1998|| Karim Bernal || Huanuco || |- |1999|| Fabiola Lazzo || Lima || |- |2000|| Veronica Rueckner ||Piura || |- |2001|| Viviana Rivasplata Aita || Lambayeque || |- |2002|| Adriana Zubiate Flores || Callao || |- |2003|| Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos Cano || Arequipa || Semi-Finalist |- |2004|| Liesel Holler Sotomayor || Pasco || |- |2005|| Debora Susan Sulca Cravero || Cajamarca || Finalist |- |2006|| Fiorella Vinas Robles || Lambayeque || |- |2007|| Jimena Elias Roca || Ica || |- |2008|| Karol Stephanie Castillo Pinillos || Trujillo || |- |2009|| Karen Susana Schwarz Espinoza || Amazonas || | |- |2010|| TBA || TBA || |


Miss Peru World

1959: Maria Elena Rossel Zapata, 1st runner up

1960: Maricruz Gomez Diaz & Irma Vargas Fuller (Miss Peru International)

1961: Norma Gonzalez Miranda (Miss Peru International)

1962: Rosa Isabel Raschio

1963: Lucia Buonanni & Esperanza Moy (Miss Peru International)

1964: Gladys Reina Gonzalez (Miss Peru International)

1965: Lourdes Cardenas Gilardi & Lola Muro Macher (Miss Peru International)

1966: Madeleine Hartog Bell, Miss World 1967

1967: Martha Quimper Suarez (Miss Peru International)

1968: Ana Rosa Berminzon

1969: Maria Julia Mantilla Meyer

1970: Cristina Malaga

1971: Magnolia Martinez

1972: Carmen Amelia Ampuero

1973: Mary Nunez

1974: No pageant

1975: Mary Orfanides Canakis

1976: Rocio Rita Lazcano

1977: Maria Isabel Frias Zavala , Semi-Finalist

1978: Karen Ines Noeth Haupt

1979: Lucia Magali Perez Godoy Quintanilla

1980: Silvia Roxana Vega Ramos

1981: Olga Roxana Zumaran Burga

1982: Cynthia Mercedes Piedra

1983: Lisbet Alcazar

1984: Gloria Cristina Loayza-Guerra

1985: Carmen del Rosario Muro Tavara

1986: Patricia Anne-Marie Kuypers Espejo

1987: Suzette Marie Woodman Denegri & Rosario Leguia Nungent (Miss Peru International)

1988: Martha Elena Kaik Tosso & Susan Leon Cavassa (Miss Peru International)

1989: Maritza Zorrilla Priori

1990: Gisselle Martinez Cuadros

1991: Eliana Martinez

1992: Aline Arce

1993: Deborah D'Souza Peixoto

1994: Marcia Perez Marces

1995: Paola Dellepiane Gianotti

1996: Monica Chacon De Vettori

1997: Claudia Maria Luque Barrantas & Ana Matallana Illich (Miss Peru International)

1998: Mariana Larrabure de Orbegoso, Semi-Finalist & Melissa Miranda Quinones (Miss Peru International)

1999: Wendy Monteverde

2000: Tatiana Angulo Yarita

2001: Viviana Rivas Plata Aita

2002: Marina Mora Montero, 2nd runner up

2003: Claudia Maria Hernandez Ore, Semi-Finalist

2004: Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia, Miss World 2004

2005: Maria Fiorella Castellano Garcia

2006: Silvia Vanessa Cornejo Cerna, Miss Tourism Queen International 2008

2007: Cynthia Jessenia Calderon Ulloa

2008: Annmarie Dehainaut Velezmoro

2009: Claudia Maria Carrasco Sarrio

2010: TBA

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