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Mazamorra is a traditional Maize-based Latin American food.

In Colombia

Mazamorra in Colombia is also known as Peto. It is typically accompanied with panela, and very popular as a side dish to typical food such as Bandeja paisa.

The drink typically includes maize grains, crushed with Mortar and pestle, then soaked in water with soda lye , and finally cooked until soft. Mazamorra is very common during lunch and dinnertime at any time of year. It is usually sold as street food. The vendors usually ride a tricycle adapted with a large Cauldron and announce themselves with a klaxon. They sell the base mazamorra, and the costumer must add the milk and the panela.

Other derivations exist. In Cundinamarca and Boyaca, where the corn is cooked with onions, coriander, garlic, faba beans, potatoes and mashuas, often with pieces of ribs or beef. This dish is known as Mazamorra Chiquita (small mazamorra).

In Paraguay

Also known as "kaguyjy" (Guarani language), Mazamorra in Paraguay is made with the native "locro" variety of maize. It is one of the most traditional desserts of the country. According with the ingredients added to the cooked corn, the dish is denominated "kaguyjy eirare" (Honey mazamorra), "kaaguyjy kambyre" (milk mazamorra) or "kaguyjy azucare" (sugar mazamorra). Kaguyjy reached great popularity in paraguay due to the food scarcity during the War of the Triple Alliance (between 1864 and 1870) as a nutritious substitute for a regular meal.

In Peru

Mazamorra in Peru is made with a local variety of Maize, "Maiz Morado", rich in anthocyanin which gives to the mazamorra a deep purple color. The maize is cooked with pineapple, cinnamon and sweet potato flour. This dish is made specially in october for the celebrations of the Lord of Miracles day.

In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican mazamorra is basically a Corn porridge, which is made cooking the maize in milk and adding corn starch. Powdered cinnamon is commonly sprinkled on top of the finished dish.

Non related to maize

Panama : A local dessert made with the Nance fruit (also known as "Pesada" ("heavy").

Spain :

* A Cold Soup similar to Salmorejo. It is made with bread, almonds, garlic, olive oil and vinegar.

* In La Guardia in Toledo Province it is a combination of fried vegetables [*]

Peru : Mazamorra de Calabaza is a popular dessert in the Huanuco region, made with pumpkin

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