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List of mountains in Peru

This is a list of the thirty-seven 6000m peaks in Peru as defined by a regain height, or prominence, above a col of 300m or more. This list is taken from the full set of Peruvian IGM maps alongside various climbing and mountaineering records

Heights are taken from the Peruvian IGM 1:100,000 series maps with the OEAV survey maps of the Cordillera Blanca (north and south) used where the IGM maps don't give spot heights. SRTM data has been used in a few places to confirm these heights, but due to the steep terrain is often unusable

Main List

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Peaks in Peru which are probably not 6000m high

Many peaks in Peru frequently quoted as being over 6000m are under this height according to the most recent surveys published by the Peruvian IGM. These peaks include:- Pumasillo 5991m, Lasunayoc 5936m, Contrahierbas 5954m, Artesonraju 5999m, Sabancaya 5976m, Palomani 5723m, Sara Sara 5505m, Helancoma 5367m.

Sub-peaks with less than 300m re-ascent

Other 6000m peaks which are often defined as individual peaks but which have less than 300m of re-ascent or prominence, include:- Huandoy Oeste 6342m (prominence between 200-250m), Sarapo 6127 (prominence between 180-230m), Callangate North 6000m (less than 290m prominence).

Caraz Este 6020m and Rasac 6017m may or may not have 300m prominence, there is insufficient data on the relevant Peruvian IGM maps.

Alternative List

This is a list of mountains in Peru including all peaks above . It is compiled after a list made by the INEI (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica e Informatica), with noted additional information or corrections when applicable.

This was the original list on this page but has been replaced because this list:-

includes peaks that are entirely separate listed as one name e.g. Tocllaraju/Taulliraju

includes peaks that are exactly the same geographical point listed under two different names e.g. Tunsho is Huantsan, Rajopaquinan is Hualcan. These peaks have different names on different maps, that's all.

has heights that appear nowhere else in any reliable source e.g. Chopicalqui 6400m, Copa 6270m, Alpamayo 6120m, etc.

states no scientific basis for what constitutes a 6000m peak. e.g. Huascaran Norte has 600m of re-ascent from the col with Huascran Sur but is missing, although many peaks with only about 200m of prominence are included.

If you have enabled JavaScript, you can reorder the table by clicking any column heading.

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The lists can be contradictory but are all useful. They use different criteria of prominence or re-ascent for defining major peaks and sub-peaks.

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