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Jivaroan peoples

Jivaroan peoples refers to groups of indigenous peoples in the headwaters of the Maranon River, and its tributaries in northern Peru and eastern Ecuador. The principal groups are:

The second reason has to do with social organization. Prior to Ecuadorian or Peruvian colonization and Christian missionization in the twentieth century, the principal unit of Jivaroan social organization was the polygynous matrilocal household or cluster of matrilocally-organized households. Notably, although Jivaroans shared the same language and culture, each household or cluster of matrilocally organized households were politically and economically autonomous.Matthew Stirling 1938 Hisotircal and Ethnographic Materials of the Jivaro Indians Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 117, 2Michael Harner 1982 Jivaro: People of the Sacred Waterfalls 40 Thus, in 1938 Matthew Stirling commented that,

In short, prior to colonization and missionization Jivaroan speakers were not organized into any stable and clearly bounded polities or ethnic groups.

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