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Iniidae is a family of river dolphins containing one living and three extinct genera.


The family was described by John Edward Gray in 1846.

Current classifications include a single living genera, Inia, with one species and three subspecies. The family also includes three extinct genera described from fossils found in South America, Florida, Libya, and Italy.

Superfamily Inioidea

*Family Iniidae

**Genus Goniodelphis

***Species G. hudsoni

**Genus Inia

***Species Inia geoffrensis - Amazon River Dolphin

****Subspecies I. g. geoffrensis

****Subspecies I. g. boliviensis

****Subspecies I. g. humboldtiana

**Genus Ischyrorhynchus (syn. Anisodelphis)

***Species I. vanbenedeni (syn. Anisodelphis brevirostratus)

**Genus Saurocetes

***Species S. argentinus (syn. Pontoplanodes obliquus)

***Species S. gigas

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