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The following is an alphabetical list of topics related to the Republic of Peru.


.pe Internet country code top-level domain for Peru


Administrative divisions of Peru

Agricultural history of Peru

Air Force of Peru

Airports in Peru

Alliance for the Future

Amazonas Region

American Popular Revolutionary Alliance APRA


*South America

**Islands of Peru

***South Pacific Ocean

Ancash Region

Ancient civilizations of Peru


Apurimac Region

Architecture of Peru

Arequipa Region

Army of Peru

Ayacucho Region


Battles of the Peruvian Navy

Biosphere reserves in Peru

Birds of Peru

Bolsa de Valores de Lima


Cabinet of Peru

Cajamarca Region

Callao Region

Capital of Peru: Lima



**[[:Category:Buildings and structures in Peru]]

**[[:Category:Communications in Peru]]

**[[:Category:Economy of Peru]]

**[[:Category:Education in Peru]]

**[[:Category:Environment of Peru]]

**[[:Category:Geography of Peru]]

**[[:Category:Government of Peru]]

**[[:Category:Health in Peru]]

**[[:Category:History of Peru]]

**[[:Category:Images of Peru]]

**[[:Category:Military of Peru]]

**[[:Category:Peru portal]]

**[[:Category:Peru-related lists]]

**[[:Category:Peruvian culture]]

**[[:Category:Peruvian law]]

**[[:Category:Peruvian people]]

**[[:Category:Peruvian society]]

**[[:Category:Politics of Peru]]

**[[:Category:Science and technology in Peru]]

**[[:Category:Transportation in Peru]]

Central Reserve Bank of Peru

Cinema of Peru

Cities of Peru

*Largest cities of Peru

Climate of Peru

Coat of arms of Peru

Colombia-Peru War

Communications in Peru

Companies of Peru

Congresspeople of Peru

Constitution of Peru

Cuisine of Peru

Culture of Peru

Currency of Peru

Cusco Region


Democratic Constitutional Congress

Demographic history of Peru

Demographics of Peru

Diplomatic missions in Peru

Diplomatic missions of Peru

Districts of Peru

*Districts of Lima


Earthquakes in Peru

Economic history of Peru

Economy of Peru


Ecuadorian-Peruvian war

Education in Peru

Elections in Peru

Electricity sector in Peru

Energy in Peru

Extreme points of Peru


Flag of Peru

Flora of Peru

Football in Peru

Foreign relations of Peru


Geography of Peru

Geology of Peru

Glaciers of Peru

Government of Peru

Guano era in Peru


Health care in Peru and universal healthcare (Peru information)

"Himno Nacional del Peru"

Hinduism in Peru

History of Peru

Holidays of Peru

Hospitals in Peru

Huancavelica Region

Huanuco Region

Human rights in Peru

Huascaran - highest mountain peak in Peru and the entire Tropics


Ica Region

Inca Empire

Internal conflict in Peru

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

*ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Peru: PE

*ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code for Peru: PER

*[[ISO 3166-2:PE]] region codes for Peru

International rankings of Peru

Internet in Peru

Iperu, tourist information and assistance

Islam in Peru

Islands of Peru


Judicial System of Peru

Junin Region


La Libertad Region

Lambayeque Region

Languages of Peru

Latin America

Law enforcement in Peru

LGBT rights in Peru

Lima Capital of Peru

Lima Province

Lima Region

[[:Category:Peru-related lists|Lists related to Peru]]:

*Diplomatic missions of Peru

*List of 15 largest metropolitan areas in Peru

*List of 20 largest cities in Peru

*List of airports in Peru

*List of battles of the Peruvian Navy

*List of biosphere reserves in Peru

*List of birds of Peru

*List of cities in Peru

*List of companies of Peru

*List of Congresspeople of Peru

*List of diplomatic missions in Peru

*List of districts of Lima

*List of hospitals in Peru

*List of islands of Peru

*List of mammals in Peru

*List of mayors of Lima

*List of mountains in Peru

*List of national parks in Peru

*List of newspapers in Peru

*List of people from Lima

*List of Peru-related topics

*List of Peruvian artists

*List of Peruvian companies

*List of Peruvian writers

*List of Peruvians

*List of political parties in Peru

*List of postal codes in Peru

*List of Presidents of Peru

*List of Prime Ministers of Peru

*List of rivers of Peru

*List of senior officers of the Peruvian Army

*List of shopping malls in Peru

*List of sites of interest in the Lima Metropolitan area

*List of universities in Peru

*List of Viceroys of Peru

*List of volcanoes in Peru

*List of World Heritage Sites in Peru

*Regions of Peru

*Topic outline of Peru

Literature of Peru


Loreto Region


Machu Picchu

Madre de Dios Region

Mammals of Peru

Mayors of Lima

Media in Peru

Metropolitan areas of Peru

Military of Peru

Ministry of Defence (Peru)

Moquegua Region

Mountains of Peru

Municipalities of Peru

Music of Peru


National anthem of Peru

National parks of Peru

National symbols of Peru

National Unity (Peru) party

Natural regions of Peru

Navy of Peru

Nevado Huascaran

Newspapers in Peru


Pacific Ocean

Pasco Region

People from Lima

Peru (Peru)

Peru at the Olympics

Peru Possible party

Peruvian, adjective or noun

Peruvian architecture

Peruvian art

Peruvian artists

Peruvian companies

Peruvian Constitution

Peruvian cuisine

Peruvian electoral system

Peruvian general election, 2000

Peruvian general election, 2001

Peruvian general election, 2006

Peruvian general election, 2011

Peruvian literature

Peruvian Nationalist Party

Peruvian nationality law, 1996

Peruvian nuevo sol

Peruvian presidential election, 1895

Peruvian presidential election, 1899

Peruvian War of Independence

Peruvian writers

Piura Region

Political parties in Peru

Politics of Peru

Popular Action party

Population of Peru

Postal codes in Peru

President of Peru

*List of Presidents of Peru

Prime Minister of Peru

*List of Prime Ministers of Peru

Prominent Peruvians

Prostitution in Peru

Protected areas of Peru

Provinces of Peru

Public holidays in Peru

Puno Region


Rail transport in Peru

Regions of Peru

Religion in Peru

Republic of Peru (Republica del Peru)

Rivers of Peru


San Martin Region

Scouting in Peru

Senate of Peru

Senior officers of the Peruvian Army

Shopping malls in Peru

Sites of interest in the Lima Metropolitan area

South America

Southern Hemisphere

Spanish colonization of the Americas

Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire

Spanish language

Sport in Peru

Stock Exchange of Peru

Subdivisions of Peru

Supreme Court of Peru


Tacna Region

Taxation in Peru

Timeline of Peruvian history

Topic outline of Peru

Tourism in Peru

Transport in Peru

Tumbes Region


Ucayali Region

Union for Peru party

United Nations founding member state 1945

United States-Peru relations

Universities in Peru


Viceroyalty of Peru

*List of Viceroys of Peru

Volcanoes of Peru


War of the Pacific, 1879-1883

Water supply and sanitation in Peru

Western Hemisphere

World Heritage Sites in Peru


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Topic outline of geography

Topic outline of Peru

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