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Gabriela Bazan

Gabriela Bazan is a type-2 neurofibromatosis patient who has become famous in her native country for the foundation and research programs that she wants to create for Peruvians to raise their awareness about that disease.

Bazan had been operated in 2000 for what appeared to be a non-dangerous formation on her left ear. In 2004, as she was attending a local university, she started to lose her audition on her right ear. A few weeks later, another formation, this time on the right ear, appeared and Bazan had it successfully removed. Her auditive problems got worse, however, and doctors practiced several other exams on her, all of which came out negative.

Decided to find out what exactly was wrong with Bazan and how they could help her with her auditive and increasing headache pains, doctors continued testing her for different illnesses. Finally, in the summer of 2004, she was diagnosed with type-2 neurofibromatosis.

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