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"Equeco" or "Iqiqu" comes from an Aymara (one of Peruvian native languages) word which means God of wealth. The Equeco is a Peruvian character made by gypsum or clay and it is used as an amulet for business and home. This character who looks like a human with his arms open and who is wearing typical Peruvian clothes, comes from an Andean legend which says that there was a countryman who worked very hard and made a lot of money, and he had to take all his money in his backpack, so later he became a big symbol of wealth and prosperity in Andean countries. It is also said that this countryman smoked a lot to be awake and kept working to increase his fortune. For this reason it is believed that if a person offers to the Equeco a cigarette, a wish will be conceded to that person.

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