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Daniel Alomia Robles

[[Image:Music of the Andes.jpg|thumb|450 px|right|Daniel Alomia Robles was a Peruvian composer and ethnomusicologist who traveled throughout the Andes in Peru collecting and writing folk music like that performed by these musicians and dancers in Jauja, Peru where Alomia Robles served as Subperfecto and as Justice of the Peace in the early twentieth century. Daniel Alomia Robles met his wife Sebastiana Godoy Agostini while he was living in Jauja. Photo Credit: Hugh Pickens ]]

Daniel Alomia Robles (3 January 1871 18 June 1942) was a Peruvian composer and ethnomusicologist. He is best known for composing the song El Condor Pasa in 1913 as part of a zarzuela, a musical play that alternates between spoken and sung parts, by the same name. This song was based on Andean folk songs and is possibly the best known Peruvian song because the melody was used by Simon and Garfunkel as their melody for "El Condor Pasa (If I Could)", though the song has different lyrics.

[[Image:Musical Performance in Huancayo.jpg|thumb|450 px|right|The folk music of the Andes compiled and composed by Daniel Alomia Robles is performed by a musical group in the Amphitheatre in Huancayo, Peru near where Daniel Alomia Robles was born and lived for several years. Photo Credit: Hugh Pickens]]

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