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Culle language

Culle, also known as Culli and Ilinga, is a poorly attested extinct language of northern Peru. It is the original language of the regions of La Libertad, Cajabamba, and Pallasca. It is known through various word lists collected while the language was still spoken and through vocabulary loaned into the Spanish spoken in the region.


What little is know of the Culle language consists mostly of vocabulary. A sample list of words is given by Loutkotka; some of these are presented here:

ahhi - woman

callua - fish

cu - head

cukuall - heart

kon, gon - water

kumu - drink

mu - fire

mun - moon

uru - tree

usu - man


Because it is poorly attested, it has not been possible to definitively classify Culle. Greenberg and Ruhlen place the Culle language in the Northern Branch of the Andean stock, which, in turn, is part of the Amerind proposal. Other languages in the Northern Branch are the Hibito-Cholon languages, the Catacaoan languages, the Leco language and the Sechura language.

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