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British Peruvian

A British Peruvian is a Peruvian citizen of British descent. The phrase may refer to someone born in Peru of British descent or to someone who has immigrated to Peru from Britain. Among European Peruvians, the British were the fifth largest group of immigrants to settle in the country after the Spanish, Italians, Germans, and the French.

The regions from which most of the British immigrants originated were Southampton and London, as well as Birmingham. They mostly interacted with fellow British immigrants, and were usually relatively skilled at a trade. Many of them intermarried and at the beginning they were united, but as time passed many of them broke the circle.

Many British Peruvians left the nation in 1960s and 1970s to flee from excessive poverty. Others fled in response to the dictatorship of Gen. Juan Velasco Alvarado and most of these moved to United States, United Kingdom, and Spain, while most of the rest to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The second wave of British Peruvians left during the Alan Garcia regime that led Peru to extreme poverty and hyperinflation. An estimated there 120,000 Peruvians of British descent."Los britanicos en el Peru" de Brenda Harriman

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