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AndeZoo is the fictional Peruvian llama world. It was created by a Peruvian publicist that wanted to promote the image of Peru. The creative appealed to llama characters with histories linked to the local way of life.

The AndeZoo family involves four anthropomorphic South American camelids: Raimi Llama, Kusi Alpaca, Sumak Vicuna and Ayak Guanaco.

AndeZoo Histories[1]

Raimi Llama

Is the leader and the smartest of all. Your little llama enjoys making jokes all the time. He lives in Machu Picchu with an American immigrants family who has adopted him. In this Inca citadel, not so long ago, he has found a part time job as a tourist guide where the gringos gives him good tips. Raimi loves Ande Kola, the national drink of Peru, and you could usually found him at the main square of Cusco flirting with the girls that stroll around there. Raimi Llama have traveled around the world representing Peru, so he can speak in Quechua, English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, etc.

Kusi Alpaca

Is the most hairy and the easiest going of all. Your alpaca friend enjoys sleeping until the late and eating lucumas, the national fruit of Peru. He lives with his mom in the Sacred Valley and now he earns a living selling alpaca sweaters at the Pisac handicraft market in Cusco. Kusi Alpaca speaks Quechua, Spanish, and he understand English a bit, but he speaks it so badly that the tourists think that he has some speaking problems.

Sumak Vicuna

Is a girl and the most chic of all the vicunas. Her ancestors were Inca nobles. She has inherited the royalty from them. Your vicuna lives in the mountains with her grandfather and at her spare time he enjoys playing with her pan flute El Condor Pasa an Andean song declared Peruvian Cultural Heritage. Sumak Vicuna works at the front desk a five stars hotel in the city of Cusco, where she also wants to go to school. She would like to study at the university to become an historian. On the other hand, she speaks four languages: Quechua, English, Spanish and French.

Ayak Guanaco

Is grumpy and is the one that complaint the most out of all the others. This little guanaco looks threatening, but in fact he is harmless, unable to hurt an ant. He lives alone at the Sacsayhuaman fortress. From time to time he travels to the city where he works making traditional pottery at the handicraft town of San Blas in Cusco. Even if he is always grumpy, our guanaco friend will change his mood if someone invites him a cup of coca tea, the national infusion of Peru. Ayak Guanaco speaks Quechua, English and Spanish with the tourists, but most of the time he does not have too much patient with anyone.


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