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Telephone numbers in Ecuador

Country Code: +593International Call Prefix: 00

The Numbering Plan as defined by the national regulator can be found in: Fundamental Numbering Plan.

Area Codes

Mobile: 8, 9

Azuay: 7

Bolivar: 3

Canar: 7

Carchi: 6

Chimborazo: 3

Cotopaxi: 3

El Oro: 7

Esmeraldas: 6

Galapagos: 5

Guayas: 4

Imbabura: 6

Loja: 7

Los Rios: 5

Manabi: 5

Morona Santiago: 7

Napo: 6

Orellana: 6

Pastaza: 7

Pichincha: 2

Santa Elena: 4

Santo Domingo: 2

Sucumbios: 6

Tungurahua: 3

Zamora Chinchipe: 7

Special Numbers

Ambulance-Service: 911

Fire-Dept: 102

Emergency: 101

Toll-free prefix: 1-800

International access-code: 00


To call a local number from a landline-phone, dial directly the 7 digits of the subscriber (xxx-xxxx).

To make a national long-distance call, or from any mobile phone to a local or national number, dial (0a) xxx-xxxx (For example, to a number in Pichincha province, (02) 211-1111).

To call from outside the country, dial +593-a-xxx-xxxx

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