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List of people on stamps of Ecuador

This is a list of people on stamps of Ecuador.

The date(s) their effigy appeared on a stamp follows their name.


Abayuba Tribal Chief - Uruguay (1980)

General Eloy Alfaro President

Jaime Roldos Aguilera President (1980)

Salvador Allende Chilean President (1971)

Anacaona Tribal Chief - Haiti (1980)

Professor Luciano Andrade (1974)

Carlos J. Arosemena Tola President (1958)

Otto Arosemena Gomez President (1968)

Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Rio President (1943)

Atahualpa Inca ruler (1937)

Atlacatl Tribal Chief - Salvador (1980)

Isidro Ayora Cueva President (1980)


Alfredo Baquerizo President

Simon Bolivar

Antonio Borrero President


Jose Placido Caamano President (1958)

Calarca Tribal Chief - Colombia (1980)

Francisco Campos scientist (1974)

Jeronimo Carrion President

Benjamin Carrion Writer ( )

Caupolican Tribal Chief - Chile (1980)

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (1958)

Cmarao Tribal Chief - Brazil (1980)

Christopher Columbus (1936)

Luis Cordero Crespo President (1976)

Cuauhtemoc Tribal Chief - Mexico (1980)

Segundo Cueva Celi musician (1976)


Charles Darwin (1936)

Sixto Maria Duran musician (1976)


Camilo Ponce Enriquez President (1960)

Enriquillo Tribal Chief - Dominican Republic (1980)

Javier Espinosa President


Juan Jose Flores President (1892)


Garabito Tribal Chief - Costa Rica (1980)

Gabriel Garcia Moreno President

Guaycaypuro Tribal Chief - Venezuela (1980)


Hatuey Tribal Chief - Cuba (1980)

Hubert Humphrey US Vice-President (1978)


Isabella I of Spain Queen (1954)


Pio Jaramillo Alvarado writer (1974)

Pope John-Paul II (1980)

Juan Carlos of Spain King (1980)


John F. Kennedy US President (1969)

Robert Kennedy US politician

Martin Luther King US civil rights leader (1969)


Lambare Tribal Chief - Paraguay (1980)

Lempira Tribal Chief - Honduras (1980)

Elia Luit aviator (1958)


Juan de Dios Martinez Mera President (1975)

Mater Dolorosa (1958)

Gabriela Mistral Chilean poet (1957)


Richard Nixon as US Vice-President (1958)

Diego Noboa President


Christobal Ojeda Davila musician (1976)

Jose Joaquin de Olmedo President

Carlos Ortega newspaper editor (1981)

Jorge Ortega newspaper editor (1981)

Carlos Amable Ortiz musician (1976)


Jose Peratta writer (1977)

Philip II of Spain King (1964)

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1962)

Pope Pius XII (1959)

Galo Plaza President (1952

Leonidas Plaza President (1958)


Paul Rivet French anthropologist (1958)

Francisco Robles President

Vicente Rocafuerte President

Guillermo Rodriguez Lara President (1973)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt US President (1948)

Ruminahui Tribal Chief - Ecuador (1980)


Sequoya Tribal Chief - United States (1980)

Queen Sofia of Spain (1980)


Tacun-Uman Tribal Chief - Guatemala (1980)

Tehuelche Tribal Chief - Argentina (1980)

Harry S Truman US President (1952)

Tupaj Katri Tribal Chief - Bolivia (1980)


Urraca Tribal Chief - Panama (1980)

Jose Maria Urvina President


Luis Alberto Valencia musician (1976)

Marco Varea botanist (1974)

Honorato Vazquez statesman (1956)

Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra President

Father Juan de Velasco Jesuit priest, writer


George Washington USA President (1938)

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