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Hybrid Iguana

The Hybrid Iguana is a first generation hybrid, the result of intergeneric breeding between a male Marine Iguana (genus Amblyrhynchus) and a female Land Iguana (genus Conolophus) on South Plaza Island in the Galapagos Islands where the territories of the two species overlap.

Anatomy and morphology

Marine Iguanas have sharp claws and are able to grip rock under seawater and eat seaweed, whereas land iguanas lack sharp claws making them unable to climb on the very cacti which are their staple foods. Due to decreased quantities of seaweed, Marine Iguanas will often seek food on the land, taking over the food source from the colonies of Land Iguanas.

The Hybrid Iguana can be considered a genetic success; They have sharp claws and can climb on cacti and also eat seaweed underwater. It is held that the hybrid iguana can survive in both sea and land environment. Despite their long separation time and there being two distinct species from different genera, the offspring are viable, although likely sterile.

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