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Henonemus is a genus of catfishes (order Siluriformes) of the family Trichomycteridae. It includes five species, H. intermedius, H. macrops, H. punctatus, H. taxistigma, and H. triacanthopomus.

Though the monophyly of Henonemus has previously been in doubt, leading to this genus being placed in synonymy with Stegophilus. However, monophyly has been argued for in 2006 and the genus was also recognized in a 2007 checklist of catfishes.

H. intermedius originates from the Araguaia River basin in Brazil. H. macrops and H. punctatus both are known from the Amazon River basin, the former from Brazil and the latter from Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. H. taxistigma inhabits the Rupununi River basin in Guyana. H. triacanthopomus has been collected in the Apure and Arauca Rivers and in Cano Macareo in the Orinoco Delta, but is probably distributed through the entire middle and lower reaches of the Orinoco River basin.

Fish of the genus Henonemus have an opercle with two odontodes and the teeth of the most posterior row on the premaxilla and the dentary proximally turned to the midline then abruptly bent laterally in the distal half, and arranged in a compact band. They may grow about 4.1–9.4 centimetres SL.

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