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Villa del Rosario, Norte de Santander

Villa del Rosario is a Colombian municipality and town located in the eastern part of the North Santander department. It is part of the Metropolitan Area of Cucuta. The municipality limits to the north with Venezuela and the municipality of Cucuta, to the south with the municipalities of Ragonvalia and Chinacota, to the east with Venezuela and to the west with the municipality of Los Patios.

Basic information

Founder: Ascencia Rodriguez de Morales y Jose Diaz de Austudillo.

Population: 65.337 habitantes

Elevation: 320 m sobre el nivel del mar.

Area: 228 km

Climate: 26 C

Distance to Cucuta: 4 km

Coordinates: 72 28' O / 7 50' N

Rivers: Tachira River.


The historians agree in affirming that the founder was Don Asencio Rodriguez in 1750.

Towards 1760 some farms in the same site stand out in where today the population exists that knows with the name "the Old Rosary". Some of the most important neighbors in these valleys the 15 of 1771 July were congregated in meeting, with the intention of formalizing the creation of the parish. In view of the importance that volume their inhabitants asked for to the Spanish monarch Carlos IV, it granted the title to him of Villa.

Consequently, the 18 of May of 1792, the title of "Noble, Leal y Valerosa Villa" by real Certificate was granted to him to the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary. Villa del Rosario contributed many great men where he honors General Francisco de Paula Santander, man of arms and laws, whose work in the war and the Republic allowed to value it as brain of the public administration and the democratic handling.


Agriculture: Sugar, coffee, rice, cane, banana, tobacco, vegetables and fruit trees.

Cattle: Bovine, bovine and poultries.

Mining: Coal, clay, plaster and limestone stone.

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