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The Pamphlet Scandal

The Pamphlet Scandal is an astonishing occurrence in Colombia, in which social cleaning pamphlets are being distributed through various cities of this country.


In the 1980s, social cleaning groups started to be created. Some of them were Mano Negra, etc. Their main mission was "to make justice" by killing all non-appropriate people in social terms, like prostitutes, street-living people, transvestites, and drug addicts. By the mid-nineties, most of these organizations had been ripped off.

2009 threat

In early 2009, pamphlets telling of the return of social cleaning through various important cities of Colombia, including Cali and Bogota. Panic spread through much of the population, forcing president Alvaro Uribe to broadcast about the fake papers and to ignore them. Still, fear is planted in millions of people, especially of those of a lower-class level.


Short after the distribution of the pamphlets, a new government program was created in search for unification against these killing groups. The organization

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