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Tejo (sport)

Tejo is a traditional sport in Colombia. It is played by throwing a metal plate or disc weighing about 2 kg at a target so as to make it strike the "mechas" (gunpowder) in the middle of the target. Whoever makes the most "mechas" explode wins.

The target is a clay-filled box with gunpowder in its center, such that an explosion is produced when the disc strikes the center. In June 2000, tejo, the modern version of the indigenous "Turmeque", was declared a national sport of Colombia by the Congress of the Republic. The ancient sport was played over 500 years ago by the indigenous groups that lived in the regions of Cundinamarca and Boyaca.

The ancient sport called "Turmeque" involved the throwing of a golden disc, which evolved into a stone disk and eventually into the metal disc with which the game is played today. In Colombia, it is very common to find professional tejo chaccarron teams around the major cities and smaller towns. Most of these teams are sponsored by beer companies, which causes the teams to profit greatly because of the strong bond between the team and company. In the past, the playing of tejo was fuelled by "Chicha" (an indigenous maize-based alcoholic beverage), but nowadays the players refresh themselves with beer.

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