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Soata, Boyaca

Soata is a town and municipality in Boyaca Department, Colombia. Soata is located on the western slopes of the Cordillera Oriental mountain range, at the northeast end of the Department of Boyaca. It is the capital the subregion of the Northern Boyaca Province.


The Soata term in Chibcha language means farming of the sun. Its inhabitants came from the mix of chibchas, Caribbean and choques. Soata was founded by sergeant Juan Rodriguez Parra in 1545 and established as municipality the 10 of December of 1495.

Demographics and Geography

Soata has a population of approximately 8.730 on who 63% live in the urban zone and 47% live in the eight paths that compose the Rural area. Its inhabitants in their majority are rural men. Its paths are: Los Molinos, La Laguna, Llano Grande, El Espinal, La Chorrera.

It has an elevation of 1.950 meters above sea level.


Its economy is of subsistence and it characterizes by agriculture and the cattle ranch in form of minifundios, standing out the cultures of the sugar cane, coffee, tobacco, tomato, maize, wheat, barley, Pope, fruit trees, datil's and flowers.

The cattle sector is distinguished by the presence of goat, pig, bovine and ovine.

In the industrial sector, one stands out the production of the brick, floor's pieces, canvas shoes, hats of straw, panela and honey of bees; it excels the elaboration of candies and treats, predominating the processing of the datil, activity has conferred him title of city of the datil palm of Colombia .

Soata, counts on tourist potential by the wealth of its cultural expressions, standing out its gastronomy, natural variety of landscapes and scenic places.

Sites of interest

Other touristics sites are:

Pinzon Bridge

El Chorro

Important personages

Laura Victoria

Cayo Leonidas Penuela


Our Lady of Mount Carmel Festival

Fairs and Festivals of Soata

Torbellino's Festival

External links

Web Site

Saint Anthony Hospital

Soata's Space

Soata 460 years


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