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Ryan Cabrera

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Ryan Frank Cabrera is an American pop rock musician, who emerged onto the music scene in 2004.

School Life

His high school career started at Jesuit College Prep. school in Dallas, Texas. He then graduated as a Senior at Jesuit. Soon after he emerged into the spotlight.

Music career

Dave Matthews gave Cabrera the inspiration to pick up an acoustic guitar . After years of making a name for himself in Dallas with the band Rubix Groove, he decided to finally branch out on his own. In 2001, Cabrera went into the studio to record his own independent album, Elm St.

Take It All Away

Cabrera is managed by Joe Simpson, manager and father of pop singers Ashlee and Jessica Simpson. Simpson introduced Cabrera to record producer, songwriter Curt Frasca late 2003 and along with songwriter Sabelle Breer the seeds for Ryan's first major-label album, Take It All Away were planted. Ryan got hooked up with John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls to co-produce the album. Reportedly, writing a bulk of the album in a week. It debuted on August 17, 2004, at number eight on the Billboard 200 album chart.

In early 2004, Cabrera had become known for his up-tempo pop-rock single "On the Way Down", which peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and number seven on the Billboard Top 40 Mainstream and has since sold over two million copies. "On the Way Down" was followed by Cabrera's second single, "True", and his third single, "40 Kinds of Sadness" was top 40 airplay within weeks of release.

You Stand Watching

Cabrera's second album, You Stand Watching, was released on September 20, 2005, and it included his singles "Shine On" and "Photo".

Ryan Cabrera sings "On The Way Down" and this was one of his most famous hits. In Wal-Mart stores, the You Stand Watching album comes with a bonus disc. The bonus disc includes two new songs, "All Night Train" and "I Know What It Feels Like," written with American singer/songwriter Zachary Jaydon. The album also included acoustic versions of "Exit To Exit", "Take It All Away" and "Shame On Me". The CD sold on the iTunes Store included the bonus track "Sentimental." This record peaked at 24 on the Billboard charts, and is a reported Gold Album.

The Moon Under Water

Currently in the studio working on his 3rd album, Ryan Cabrera is hard at work, almost two years into the project, which he feels will be his best work to date. "The sound of the new record I think will open a lot of eyes and ears, and definitely be a surprise to fans and anybody who hasn't heard my music! I want to take my time with this record and really make a diverse entire album, as opposed to just a single or two, no I want a ride, a journey, I want the record to be able to be played all the way through. In fact, there are songs that none of my management or crew have heard. So many things have changed in my life, and the music is heading along with it." (cited from Cabrera's myspace 8/12/07)

"The new album "The Moon Under Water" is quite a different experience than any past record I have ever done!! You will hear a new but familiar sound coming from this album.. I have spent about a year and a half writing and recording what I think is my best work to date! I wanted the album to be a rollercoaster of generes and experiences..i wanted to suprise people and confuse people.. I wanted a high energy, emotional, real album..one that only hearing one song, wouldn't be enough! This is my first album off a major record label, and I decided to keep it that way, by paying for the entire project myself!! Which gave me complete creative freedom! I wanted this project and record to be a personal and honest one which people can feel a part of...haha and nothing to do with stupid hair!! -Ryan"

Other appearances

Ryan appears on the 'Son of the Mask' Soundtrack with the song, "Inside Your Mind". Cabrera has a track on the 'Fantastic Four' Soundtrack: "Always Come Back to You".

He apperared in an episode of MTV's 'My Super Sweet Sixteen' episode 41.

In 2006, Cabrera released a single entitled "I Will Remember You" via iTunes. The song never had a video shot for it nor has it appeared on any of Cabrera's current albums. However, the song was featured for promotion in the series finale of the NBC series Will & Grace, and as the elimination song for the 2007 season of So You Think You Can Dance.

On February 12, 2008 Ryan was given the honor of "Bands (Artists) You Should Know to Sound Cool" by Kidd Kraddick of The Kid Kraddick Morning Show [*]. He was mentioned as having a new unfavorable grungy look upon the last time he was seen at an event in the islands.



Elm St. (2001) Not Signed

Take It All Away Atlantic 8 The Billboard 200

You Stand Watching Atlantic 24 The Billboard 200

The Moon Under Water JT Entertainment Independent Release


"I Will" AMP

"On the Way Down" Atlantic 15 The Billboard Hot 100, #8 Philippines, #48 Australia

"True" Atlantic 18 The Billboard Hot 100, #1(6 Weeks) Philippines #1 Singapore

"40 Kinds of Sadness", 9 Philippines

"Shine On" Atlantic 86 The Billboard Hot 100, #12 Philippines

"Photo" 21 Philippines

"Say" JT Entertainment Independent Release


Breedlove Master Class King Koa Steel 6-String Acoustic Guitar with Western Red Cedar top and Select Koa back and side.

Taylor Guitars

Personal life

Cabrera was born in Texas to a Hispanic father of Colombian origin. He was romantically involved with singer and actress Ashlee Simpson from early 2004 to early 2005, and he appeared in many episodes of Simpson's reality show, The Ashlee Simpson Show. Simpson also appeared as Cabrera's love interest in the music video for "On the Way Down." Simpson's first single, "Pieces of Me," was written about Cabrera and their relationship. The two were reported to have broken up in August 2004 because of their busy schedules, but their relationship continued and was featured in season two of The Ashlee Simpson Show. They did a series of high school concerts together in October 2004, which was seen on the show. At the time of their split they said that they remained friends.

In late 2005, after Cabrera toured with The Veronicas, he became romantically involved with one half of the group, Lisa Origliasso. Cabrera and Origliasso then starred together in his video for "Photo" where she played his love interest. They spent many times together going to several red carpet events and a couple of trips to Australia. Ryan was to tour with The Veronicas in Australia in August 2006, but cancelled after it was confirmed that Cabrera and Origliasso had broken up in Late June/Early July. They share two dogs, a golden retriever 'Romeo' and another dog 'Billie Jean'.

As of late May 2006, Ryan Cabrera has been dating Riley Keough daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough and Keough is reportedly moving in with Cabrera.

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