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Rodrigo Granda

Ricardo Gonzalez also known as Rodrigo Granda is a Colombian Venezuelan member of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). He serves as international spokesman of the guerrilla organization.

His name became well-known because of the events that began on December 13, 2004 when he was captured in Venezuela allegedly by Venezuelan officials and transported to the Colombia-Venezuela border in Cucuta where Colombian authorities arrested him. He had been in Caracas, Venezuela participating in a conference in representation of the FARC guerrilla, organization for which Granda is an international spokesman, for this he was dubbed as "FARC's foreign minister". His arrest created diplomatic tensions between the government of Hugo Chavez and Alvaro Uribe.

Granda was later released by the Colombian government after President of France Nicolas Sarkozy persuaded President Uribe to do so, as concession for the "humanitarian exchange" which consists in the exchange of criminals held by the government (included Granda) for hostages held by the FARC. On October 8, 2007 Granda visited FARC campsites in the mountains of Colombia and announced his return to the FARC to participate in the negotiations for a possible humanitarian exchange.

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