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Raul G Cuero (born Buenaventura, Colombia) is a professor of microbiology and an inventor, with particular expertise in biogenesis.

Dr. Cuero led 4 different teams from around the world in synthetic biology in the 2006 IGEM competition, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA.


  • Biology, Universidad del Valle
  • B.Sc. Biology, Heidelberg College
  • M.Sc. Plant Pathology, Ohio State University
  • Ph.D. Microbiology, University of Strathclyde


During the 1950s more than 30% of the children in his home town of Buenaventura died from diseases such as parasites, malaria, tuberculosis and viral diseases before reaching the age of ten. This served as inspiration for his career.

After studying biology on a scholarship awarded for academic merit at the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia, he was offered a further academic scholarship to continue his education in the United States in biology and plant pathology. He was later awarded another scholarship to earn his Ph.D in microbiology in the United Kingdom.

Fellowships, scholarships, awards and honors

  • Distinguished Professor, Prairie View A&M University
  • NASA Technology Award. 2003
  • Tech Brief Monetary Award
  • Nominated by the Invention and Contribution Board of NASA-JSC-Houston, to be in the list of selected Inventors and/or Contributors, for the Invention on “Removal of Radionuclides Such as Uranium, Using Martian Simulated Soil”. This material is similar to the Martian Soil
  • Recognition Award for Significant Contribution to Science and for Exemplary Role Model to the Colombian Community, 1998
  • "Outstanding Mentor" for NASA-Sharp-Plus Research Program for High School students, Prairie View A&M University, Summer 1995
  • Diners' Club Distinction Award as one of Colombian Outstanding Scientist Overseas, 1994
  • Award Recognition, Leader in Science and Significant Contributions to Higher Education, Prairie View A&M University, 1993
  • Award Recognition for Significant Contribution to Research, Cooperative Agricultural Research Center, Prairie View A&M University, 1992
  • Liaison, International Agricultural Exchange Program, Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Iowa State University, 1990
  • Distinguished Research Scientist, Cooperative Agricultural Research Center, Prairie View A&M University, 1989
  • Best Student, UNESCO International Course on Biodeterioration, Commonwealth Mycological Institute (CMI), Surrey, England, 1983
  • Award, Overseas Research Student (ORSA) from University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, (1982 - 1986), Academic
  • University of Strathclyde, Scotland, United Kingdom, (1980-1986), Academic Scholarship to Study PHD Degree
  • Ohio State University, (1971-1974), Academic Scholarship
  • Heidelberg College, Ohio (1970-1971), Academic Scholarship, Dean's List
  • Nominated for U.S. Advisory Committee of Organic Food, by the Texas Department of Agriculture, 2002
  • Nominated for the United States Environmental Protection Agency Advisory Policy Committee, 2003
  • Most Valuable Player (MVP), Colombian National Basketball Team, National and International Competitions (North, Central and South America), 1965-1970
  • Government of Colombia: Simon Bolivar, Order Medal, Title of Knight. The recognition was made on May 21, 2004 for Dr. Cuero's inventions, brilliant scientific career & contribution to society.

Inventions and patents

  • 2005: Invention. A Biological Active Glass with Antifungal and Antibacterial Properties.
  • 2004: Effective Removal of Radio-nuclear and Heavy Metal Pollutants, using a Martian Simulant Material. Patent in Process by NASA. U.S. Provisional Patent #60-534805.
  • 2004: Enhancement of Purification of Crude Oil: Reduction of Sulfur Contamination.
  • 2003: Antimicrobial Compound.
  • 1998: Effective Fungal Biocontrol in Plant and Food. U.S. Patent #5,830,459.
  • 1996: Semi Scale Pilot System to Study Bioremediation of Chemicals and Oil.
  • 1996: Recovery and Flocculation of Toxic Metals: Chromium, Lead, Zinc and Copper.
  • 1995: Learning Science by Doing It: A Holistic Method Utilizing Computer Communications Networks. Copyright, International Program for Scientific Training. Copyright.
  • 1995: Enhancement of B-Carotene and Vitamin A and Essential Nutrients in Plants. Invention in filing process for patent application.

Media appearances

  • Chosen by PBS Television Network in Houston for the program "Living Smart", as an example of creativity, for his scientific inventions, 2006
  • Chosen by Telemundo Hispanic TV in USA as an example of the Hispanic community in USA, for his scientific contributions, 2006
  • Dr. Cuero's life and his book featured on the television show "Between Triumph and Survival", (November 6, 3:30 PM and November 10, 1:30 PM, 2005) on the US PBS-Houston (Channel 8) television series "Living Smart", as a role model, based on his scientific creativity (8 inventions) and intellectual achievements

External links

  • Raul Cuero's website
  • Interview about Dr. Cuero's research in synthetic biology, and the grant he received from the U.S. National Science Foundation
  • "Biologists Are Looking To the Chip Industry For Production Models", synthetic biology article in Wall Street Journal
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