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Pandebono is a type of bread made of corn flour, cassava starch, cheese and eggs. It is consumed with hot chocolate a few minutes after baking when is still warm. It is very popular in the Colombian department of Valle del Cauca.


It is said that an Italian baker who lived in the Colombian city of Cali baked the bread and every afternoon went out to sell them screaming on the streets pan del bono (bread of the good one) pronounced in Italian and in this way the name became popular.

Another version documented by Edouard Andre in his article America Equinoccial published in America Pintoresca says that the name came from a site on the road between Dagua and Cali called Hacienda El Bono where the product was original from. Thus, the inhabitants of the region used to buy it and referred to it as Pan del Bono meaning Bread from El Bono and by the continued use the name was abbreviated as Pandebono.

Still another version states that the name comes from the voucher (spanish bono) the workers from the region's sugar cane farms received as part of their compensation, which could be exchanged for bread. Therefore, the name would mean voucher's bread.

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