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Paez people

The Paez, also known as the Nasa, are a Native American people who live in the Andes Mountains of Colombia.

In the early 1900s, Lazarists built missions among the Paez and began the work to convert them to Christianity. Jesuits had originally tried to convert the Paez, but failed. However, the Lazarists met some success: the result of their work is a blend of the Paez religion and Roman Catholicism. For example, the Paez still have their own shamans but many have also become Roman Catholic Priests.

Since they live in the cold climate of the Andes, the Paez build their homes using brick, metal, cement and wood. The Paez women raise and sheer sheep for wool. They then clean the wool, spin yarn out of it, dye it and knit clothes and blankets for their families.

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