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Paez language

Paez is a language isolate of Colombia spoken by Paez people in the central Andes region near Popayan. The Ethnologue estimates about 71,400 to 83,300 speakers(2000 SIL), among which are counted 35,700 to 41,650 monolinguals of an ethnic population of 122,638.

Genealogical relations

Paez is often connected with the poorly documented and extinct Panzaleo and Andaqui in a hypothetical Paezan grouping. Some proposals include the Coconucan languages, which is now usually placed as a sub-family under Barbacoan. Paez (and/or the Paezan family) is often grouped together with the Barbacoan family. More distant proposals group Paez (Paezan) with Chibchan languages in a Macro-Chibchan phylum.

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