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Muisca refers to a nation of the Chibchan Culture that formed the Muisca Confederation encountered by the Spanish in 1537, at the time of the conquest of what is now part of central Colombia. The Muisca comprised two confederations: the Hunza, whose sovereign was the Zaque, and the Bacata, whose sovereign was the Zipa. Both confederations were located in the highlands of modern-day Cundinamarca and Boyaca (Altiplano Cundiboyacense) in the central area of Colombia's Eastern Range.

The territory of the Muisca spanned an area of 46,972 km (a region slightly larger than Switzerland) from the North of Boyaca to the Sumapaz Paramo and from the summits of the Eastern Range to the Magdalena Valley. It bordered the territories of the Panches and Pijaos tribes.

It had a large population during the Spanish Conquest, but the actual number of inhabitants is unknown. The languages of the Muisca were Chibchan, Muysca and Mosca, which belong to the Chibchan-Paezan linguistic family. Familia linguistica Chibchano-Paezano, in Promotora espanola de linguistica. The economy was based on agriculture, metalworking and manufacturing.

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