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Muerte a Secuestradores

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Muerte a Secuestradores or MAS, was a Colombian paramilitary group supported by drug cartels and gangs, plus a number of politicians, officials and entrepreneurs during the 1980s.

Its activities included protecting drug dealers, wealthy landowners, politicians, officials, entrepreneurs and their interests from the attacks of Colombian guerrillas such as the FARC-EP and M-19, by carrying out selective or massive assassinations and torture against either the kidnappers themselves, their family members or perceived supporters.


MAS was originally founded by Pablo Escobar and other druglords in December 2, 1981 as a response to the kidnapping of Martha Nieves Ochoa by M-19 guerrillas. [*]

Originally created to counter kidnappings and murders, MAS later became a common label for several paramilitary death squads which, following the original's example, also carried out further acts of murder and torture..


The original MAS was initially made up of hitmen from the different drug cartels.

Several members of Colombia's security forces have also been accused or judicially processed for participating in MAS activities. These include then-General Ramon Emilio Gil Bermudez and a number of graduates from the School of the Americas, such as Army Major Julio Barrera Bustos. Israeli mercenaries have also been implicated. [*].

At their height, MAS totaled over 2,000 members.

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