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Military structure of the FARC-EP

According to internal regulations, every member of the FARC-EP's military forces has to take a vow in which they formally assume the compromise of fighting to establish "social justice" in Colombia. It is considered by FARC members that the necessary path to achieve this goal is through Marxism and Leninism, additionally influenced by the ideas of the Cuban Revolution and Che Guevara.

The symbol in the center of the FARC-EP flag is a book and two rifles in the middle of a map of Colombia, which transmits the message "learn and fight for Colombia", as a sign of the importance ideological education has for the FARC-EP. The three colors in the background are yellow, blue and red, common to the flags of Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia in northern South America. These colors also indicate the region's shared past and identity under Bolivar's Greater Colombia.

a) The Statute - formulates the ideological foundations of the FARC-EP; it defines its organic structure, the regime of command, the obligations and rights of the combatants and the basic principles of the revolutionary organization.b) The regulations of the disciplinary regime - deals with essential matters of military order.c) The internal rules of command - deals with the usual daily practices of the different units of the FARC-EP.

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