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List of attacks attributed to FARC

The following is a list of attacks attributed to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Since 1964, the Marxist-Leninist guerrilla organization has been fighting the Colombian government, and is the oldest insurgent group in the Americas. FARC is considered a terrorist group by the Colombian government, the United States Department of State, Canada and the European Union.

In March 1998, some 700 FARC fighters ambushed the 52nd counterguerilla battalion of the Colombian Army's 3rd Mobile Brigade, stationed at El Billar, south of the Caqueta department. The battalion had entered the town of Penas Coloradas with the objective of damaging the FARC's infrastructure in the lower Caguan river, in an area where FARC influence was deep among the population. The beginning of the FARC's attack took place between March 2-4, causing the battalion heavy casualties: some 62 were killed and 43 were taken prisoner, 105 casualties of a total of 154.

In August 1998 FARC fighters attacked and destroyed another military base in Miraflores in the southern Guaviare.

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