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Lake Iguaque

Lake Iguaque is a lagoon located in the Boyaca department of Colombia. The lake and the surrounding area were declarated National park of Colombia in 1977.


Iguaque lagoon is located northwest to Villa de Leyva, and is part of the Iguaque wildlife sanctuary. The predominant ecosystem is the paramo, with presence of frailejon plant, ferns, lichens and puyas. The average temperature is 12C. The route of access to the natural reservation is: Bogota Tunja /Tunja Villa de Leyva . The visitors center Furachiogua offers accommodation up to 48 persons, and camping zone.

Cultural value

Iguaque is a sacred place to the indigenous people. According to Muisca legend, the mankind was originated in the Iguaque lake, when the goddess Bachue came out from the lake with a boy in her arms. When the boy grew, they populated the earth. They are considered the ancestors of the human race. finally, they disappeared unto the lake in the shape of snakes.

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