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Independiente Medellin

Corporacion Deportiva Independiente Medellin is a professional Colombian football (soccer) team competing in Futbol Profesional Colombiano, the Colombian first division. The club is based in the city of Medellin and founded in 1913. It has won the league's national tournament known as Copa Mustang four times: in 1955, 1957, 2002-II and 2004-I. Its best performance at international level was in 2003, when the team achieved the third place in the Copa Libertadores de America.


Medellin's greatest rival is with the city's other major club Atletico Nacional, with whom they share the home stadium El Atanasio Girardot. The team is dubbed "El Poderoso de la Montana" or the powerful of the mountain due to Medellin's geographical location high in the Andean mountains. The rivalry is especially strong due to each team's main support club, Rexixtenxia Norte for Medellin and Los Del Sur for Atletico Nacional. These two groups are the most loyal, loud, and passionate support clubs in the country. The two clubs are named with the location that they occupy in the stadium where Rexixtenxia occupies the section behind the northern goal and Los Del Sur occupy the section behind the southern goal.

In 2004 Medellin and Nacional classified to the final of the Mustang Cup; in Antioquia everybody was very excited because this was the first "Paisa" final of the history of the short tournaments. This system requires 2 games to be the champion, in the first game, Medellin won 2-1 with a goal of Rafael Castillo in the 87 minute after the goals of Jorge Serna (DIM) and Carlos "Chumi" Alvarez in the first half. The final game was in the 27 of June, and it ended 0-0 and Medellin became the champion of the Colombian National League.


Medellin won its third league title after 45 years of agony. However, there were two seasons where Medellin had the title within its reach only to lose it amid great controversy. From its foundation until 2002, the Colombian First Division League had adopted a league format commonly used in European leagues. The format was a year long tournament where the team at then end of the year in best standing was declared the winner. This format was changed in 2002 to an Apertura-Clausura format where two separate seasons are played during the year to determine two winners. In 1993 during the last game of the year, Medellin and Atletico Junior were fighting for a tight first place. Junior was playing America de Cali at home in Baranquilla while simultaneously Medellin played hometown rivals Atletico Nacional. The games were to start and end at the same time. A Medellin win with a Junior loss or draw would have given Medellin the title. Medellin beat Nacional 1-0 while awaiting the goalless game in Baranquilla to end. Medellin players were celebrating with a victory lap and giving interviews with reporters waiting for the final whistle in Baranquilla. However, the referee allowed an unprecedented amount of injury time which enabled Oswaldo Mackenzie to score an extremely late goal giving Junior the win and the title. This was not the first time Medellin had a heartbreaking season, in 1989 a year where Medellin had the best team in the league and was expected to win the title, a tragic event occurred in Colombian soccer. During the final games of the season, Medellin tied America de Cali 0-0 at home. During the game, the linesman Alvaro Ortega made a mistake and annulled a Medellin goal. Afterwards, a Medellin sympathizer hunted down the linesman and assassinated him. In response, the Colombian Soccer Federation decided to cancel the rest of the season leaving the 1989 league without a winner.


National Honours

Futbol Profesional Colombiano

*Winners (4): 1955, 1957, 2002-II, 2004-I

*Runners-Up (5): 1959, 1961, 1966, 1993, 2001

International Honours

Copa Libertadores

*3rd Place (1): 2003

Copa Libertadores Participations

1967 1st Round

1994 Quarterfinals

2003 Semifinals

2005 Round of 16

Current Roster

As of March 4th, 2008

Reserve & Youth Squad

Source: http://www.eltiempo.com/deportes/futbol/fubolcolombiano/noticias/ARTICULO-WEB-NOTA_INTERIOR-3918772.html

Players In

Mauricio Mendoza FW From America de Cali

Juan Fernando Leal MF From Millonarios

Felipe Alzate DF From Reserves

Joan Gonzalez GK From Reserves

Javier Lopez DF From Reserves

Richard Moreno MF From Reserves

Elkin Mosquera DF From Reserves

Cesar Quintero DF From Reserves

Miguel Angel Julio MF From Reserves

Players out

Mauricio Molina MF to Olimpia Asuncion

Jose Mera DF to Deportivo Pasto

Jaime Bran Gomez GK to Deportivo Pereira

Armando Palacios DF No Team

Juan Pablo Pino FW to AS Monaco FC

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