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Holocausto was an important part of the Colombian metal scene in the 1980s (and therefore notable in South America's thrash metal history). This scene was primarily made up of: Asalmatum, Nemesis, Skullcrusher, Belial, Masacre and Athanator. Holocausto was also (unknown to the members) the name of two other New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands and a Brazilian death metal band.

Original Band Members

Steve (guitar)

Gabriel (vocals)

Juan Manuel (bass)

Alex (drums)

Current Line-up

Juan Miguel Gongora

Mauricio Barrera (drums)

Jaime Ocampo (guitar) (Also of band Athanator)

Juan Fernando Escobar (guitar)


From the hills of Colombia, in the year 1988, Medellin's local thrash metal outfit Holocausto formed, previously named SACRAMENTO but changed due to hordes of religious finger pointing and constant geographic confusion with the great state of California.

At the very end of 1989, the first demo, 'GENERACIONES MUERTAS', was recorded together at an ill equipped studio. Nevertheless, the metal rookies released it to luke warm acclaim. It was often referred to as "Yet ANOTHER demo by yet ANOTHER band" in the sprawling metal scene.

Due to extensive and exhausting tape trading and fanzine dedication, thrash metal had taken ahold of the city's youth.

Their founding Guitarist had been bitten by the thrash bug at an early age; week after week he would pester members of other more affluent bands in the city for their prized imported tapes & vinyls in order to pummel the latest Thrash Metal teachings

into his head, in order to later regurgitate it in the form of a tastier Holocausto demo tape, "OBSESION INDUCIDA". It was promoted on the local metal radio show (produced by the drummer of the internationally known Colombian band MASACRE), leading to a high demand in the tape trading markets.

Having solidified their place in the upper ranks, Holocausto played many shows, even having to endure endless criticisms for playing underground punk songs at strictly metal venues. Regardless, they managed to convince the crowds that they had honed their sound at last.

Unfortunately, The Guitarist moved back to the US in the early 90s, leaving the rest of the band questioning the future of a seemingly reputable name. Juan Manuel decided not to give up and kept going despite two other original members leaving the band to pursue college & family life.

After many years Juan Manuel, even after attaining knowledgeable musicians and enjoying some success, decided to depart from the country, leaving Holocausto to march on without any founding members.

Juan Manuel later returned to form an electronic/industrial outfit called B7 and continues to

pay tribute to the metal scene in Medellin.

Influences and Contemporaries

Thrash Metal

Early Metallica





Cannibal Corpse

Napalm Death

Cryptic Slaughter

Pungent Stench

Heavy Metal & Rock

Judas Priest

Black Sabbath


Led Zeppelin

Punk & Hardcore

Sex Pistols


The Clash

Dead Kennedys

Los Toreros Muertos


Murphy's Law (band)

The Ramones


Generaciones Muertas (1989)

Inferior (1993)

References, Links and Sources

Colombian Metal Pages

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To listen to Holocausto, click here.

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