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FARC-EP chain of command

The '''Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia's chain of command''' is divided as follows:

Commander in Chief of the FARC-EP, ultimate decision maker. Alfonso Cano currently holds this position.

The Central High Command (Estado Mayor Central): composed of some 30 top commanders including the seven leaders of the top command; the secretariat is the superior organism of direction and command of the FARC-EP. Its agreements, orders and decisions rule over the entire movement and all its members. It designates the High Command of each bloc and co-ordinates the areas of the respective blocs.# Bloc: consists of five or more fronts. 7 blocs have divided the country's territory strategically to allow greater maneuverability and control.# Front: Consist of anywhere between 50 and 500 men. Control and attack certain areas of the country. # Column: Larger fronts are divided into columns. # Company (Compania) : These men, usually around 50, stay together and plan ambushes or other surprise attacks.# Guerilla: consists of two squads.# Squad: the basic unit consisting of 12 combatants.

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