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Eremophilus mutisii

Eremophilus mutisii is a species of catfish (order Siluriformes) of the family Trichomycteridae, and the only species of the genus Eremophilus. This fish grows to about 30 centimetres and originates from the Bogota River basin. It has probably been introduced to Ubate, Chinquinquira, and Tundama valleys, Colombia.

E. mutisii uses the vascularized central portion of its stomach for aerial respiration. Air ventilation takes place during a rapid dash to the surface with the expiration of old air preceding inspiration. Air-breathing occurs in hypoxic and normoxic water, but is not obligatory. The evolution of a reduced swimbladder is associated with a benthic mode of life in E. mutisii.

This fish species is an excellent food fish. It is the only species of food fish which has been able to survive competition from introduced trout and carp species into the region.

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