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Diplomatic missions of Colombia

Listed below are the embassies and consulates-general of Colombia (excluding honorary consulates):


* Vienna (Embassy)

* Brussels (Embassy)

* Paris (Embassy)

* Berlin (Embassy)

* Frankfurt (Consulate-General)

* Vatican City (Embassy)

* Rome (Embassy)

* Milan (Consulate-General)

* The Hague (Embassy)

* Amsterdam (Consulate-General)

* Oranjestad, Netherlands Antilles (Consulate)

* Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles (Consulate)

* Oslo (Embassy)

* Warsaw (Embassy)

* Lisbon (Embassy)

* Moscow (Embassy)

* Madrid (Embassy)

* Barcelona (Consulate-General)

* Bilbao (Consulate)

* Valencia (Consulate)

* Stockholm (Embassy)

* Bern (Embassy)

* London (Embassy)

North America

* Ottawa (Embassy)

* Montreal (Consulate-General)

* Toronto (Consulate-General)

* San Jose (Embassy)

* Havana (Embassy)

* Santo Domingo (Embassy)

* San Salvador (Embassy)

* Guatemala City (Embassy)

* Tegucigalpa (Embassy)

* Kingston (Embassy)

* Mexico City (Embassy)

* Managua (Embassy)

* Panama City (Embassy)

* Colon (Consulate)

* Washington DC (Embassy)

* Atlanta (Consulate-General)

* Boston (Consulate-General)

* Chicago (Consulate-General)

* Houston (Consulate-General)

* Los Angeles (Consulate-General)

* Miami (Consulate-General)

* New York (Consulate-General)

* San Francisco (Consulate-General)

* San Juan (Consulate-General)

South America

* Buenos Aires (Embassy)

* La Paz (Embassy)

* Brasilia (Embassy)

* Manaus (Consulate-General)

* Sao Paulo (Consulate-General)

* Tabatinga (Consulate)

* Santiago (Embassy)

* Quito (Embassy)

* Guayaquil (Consulate)

* Tulcan (Consulate)

* Asuncion (Embassy)

* Lima (Embassy)

* Montevideo (Embassy)

* Caracas (Embassy)

* Maracaibo (Consulate-General)

* Puerto Ayacucho (Consulate-General)

* San Cristobal (Consulate-General)

* El Amparo (Consulate)

* Merida (Consulate)

* San Antonio del Tachira (Consulate)

* Valencia (Consulate)

Middle East

* Tel Aviv (Embassy)

* Beirut (Embassy)


* Cairo (Embassy)

* Nairobi (Embassy)

* Pretoria (Embassy)


* Beijing (Embassy)

* Hong Kong (Consulate-General)

* New Delhi (Embassy)

* Tokyo (Embassy)

* Kuala Lumpur (Embassy)

* Seoul (Embassy)


* Sydney (Consulate-General)

Multilateral Organizations

* Brussels (Mission to the European Union)

* Geneva (Permanent Mission to the United Nations and other International Organizations)

* Montevideo (Permanent Missions to ALADI and MERCOSUR)

* Nairobi (Permanent Missions to the United Nations and other International Organizations)

* New York (Permanent Mission to the United Nations)

* Paris (Permanent Mission to UNESCO)

* Rome (Permanent Mission to FAO)

* Washington DC (Permanent Mission to the Organization of American States)

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